The Coven creates space for women and non-binary folks to pursue growth through connection, collaboration and content.

Less than a year ago, we opened our doors to 150 Founding Members. These original 150 bound together in the belief that an intersectional space with humans from every industry, age and socioeconomic background could exist in the Twin Cities. Their early support has now grown to 400+ members from finance and law to creative and technology. Our diverse membership represents the beautiful fabric of the Twin Cities. Our 5-for-1 Community Funded Membership has allowed us to welcome 60+ women and non-binary folks from underrepresented communities at no cost, ensuring socioeconomics is never a barrier for access.

We know that when women have access to economic resources and growth opportunities, they put their successes back into their communities, into education, and into themselves. What we’ve built is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and community activists, who support each other in person and across our digital platforms. Coven members are incubating ideas, starting businesses, and advancing in their careers. Much like our own story, we’re witnessing the magic that happens when like-hearted individuals come together to shine for each other.

In addition to being a creative, comfortable, and safe workspace for women and non-binary folks, The Coven has hosted more than 200 curated events with a focus on developing each member’s whole self through economic empowerment, education, connection, and wellness.

OUR community funded memberships

Part of our mission is to create a more just and equitable community in the Twin Cities. In service of this ambition, we built community funded memberships into The Coven as part of our business model. For every five memberships purchased, we offer a fully-paid for membership to a woman or non-binary individual in our community.

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What We've Achieved

  • Raised more than $315,000 through crowdfunding to open our space

  • Established a diverse community of more than 400 members, and growing

  • Offered more than 60 memberships to scholarship applicants prior to opening

  • Hosted over 200 events, gathering crowds of 70-150 local women and non-binary individuals to inspire one another

  • Established partnerships with local and national woman-led organizations to offer a range of benefits and discounts to our members

Do The Most Good

We call our business "The Coven" because it has power and energy. We believe when women and non-binary folks gather together, they create magic.