The Coven creates space for women and non-binary folks to pursue growth through connection, collaboration and content.

We exist to cultivate a dynamic and diverse community of people who inspire each other to live more empowered lives. Our business is designed to provide services that allow our members to reclaim their time and be any version of themselves. We do this by offering a safe space for women and non-binary individuals to work, socialize, learn and grow.

The Coven is more than a space. It's a community of extraordinary humans who create opportunities for one another. We host a number of events exclusively for members every week across a range of topics. Our community exists to make space for unique conversations and topics. Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship, self-care and wellness, social justice, leadership development, embracing your sexuality, or perhaps all of the above–The Coven has something for you.

Our Scholarship Program a.k.a. community funded memberships

Part of our ambition is to create a more just and equitable community in the Twin Cities. In service of this ambition, we built community funded memberships into The Coven as part of our business model. For every five memberships purchased, we offer a fully-paid for membership to a woman or non-binary individual in our community.

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What We've Achieved

  • Raised over $315,000 through crowdfunding to open our space
  • Established a diverse community of over 260 members, and growing
  • Offered nearly 30 memberships to scholarship applicants prior to opening
  • Hosted over 30 events, gathering crowds of 70-150 local women and non-binary individuals to inspire one another
  • Established partnerships with local, woman-led organizations to offer a range of benefits and discounts to our members

Do The Most Good

We call our business "The Coven" because it has power and energy. We believe when women and non-binary folks gather together, they create magic. Those who practice Wicca believe in doing the most good, and so do we. All of our business decisions are made following this mantra, in the spirit of doing the most good for our community.