Events, Workshops & Classes

We strive to provide events, classes and workshops that span a broad range of topics and interests. This year, our monthly themes will set the stage for how programming will be focused. Our schedule of events will accommodate busy schedules by providing options for our members to attend in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Events are exclusively for members of The Coven unless otherwise noted below. Members may register for events through our mobile application and email registration links.

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11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Public Event

Join artist and milliner Anna Lee for the latest installation of her collaborative project the Gray Matter Series: Sense of Self. This collection will feature one-of-a-kind hats, a multi-piece painting, digitally printed scarves, and a short film investigating the role of the “heroine’s journey”, its impact on our mental health, and our ability to connect with ourselves and our communities. An artist talk will also feature a panel discussion with women in the community doing the work to keep us connected, empowered, and engaged with the work that needs to be done to deepen our Sense of Self.

Speakers: Anna Lee, Samantha Rei Crossland of Samantha Rei, Amy Kuretsky of Health Fuels Hustle and Constellation Acupuncture, and Kylee Leonetti of Girl Creative and Kylee and Christian Creative

9:11 KRISTI SQ.png

Public Event

Do something that matters. Do you see systems that are broken? Question why we do things the way we do? And wonder what is NEXT for you? Then get up early and join us for an interactive, transformative POWERshop where passion, purpose, and possible collide.

In this POWERshop, you will 1. Identify your BIG question to guide you to your NEXT. 2. Learn the POWER of women in the world. 3. Connect with other women and non-binary folks who not only want a better world but want to do something about it.

9:18 COVEN SQ.png

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Public Event

Built on the idea that all women and non-binary deserve a space for community, access, and opportunity, The Coven was a dream realized by four loud, unapologetic, and passionate women from the ad world. Join us for an evening as they share their journey from brunch idea to doors-open in ten months. There will be swears.

8:00AM - 10:00PM

Public Event

Join Anita Patel, Leaderships Program Director at the Bush Foundation  for a generative session inspired by the Bush Foundation’s drive to reimagine what our city can be, what philanthropy can be, and what we can be to one another. Anita will share specific  insights about the mindsets and skill sets needed to create a region where everyone can thrive.

We’ll also hear from two recent Bush Fellows about their personal journeys, the impact they’re creating for themselves and their communities, and the lessons they learned as fellows.


9:25 WORTH SQ.png


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Member Event

The fact is, most women end up solely responsible for their financial well-being at some point in their lives. Two major forces are at work: women live longer than men, and nearly half of couples will divorce.

UBS asked the women behind the statistics if they felt prepared once they were no longer a part of a couple. What we found is alarming. Nearly 60% of widows and divorcées tell us they regret not being more involved in key financial decision while they were married. Their advice to you— indeed, all investors—is unanimous: Single or married, millennial or boomer, take an active role in your finances.

Themes for 2018

Each month at The Coven has a theme, and many of our events and workshops are designed to bring this theme to life. Members enjoy a variety of programming opportunities throughout the year.



Female Empowerment
Our inaugural month will focus on on finding your voice and pursuing your ambitions.


Money Month
Celebrate tax season by taking control over your personal finances and managing funds in your professional life.


Body Positivity
Fall in love with yourself all over again through events focused on your mental and physical wellbeing.


The Coven x Communities
Gain an even deeper appreciation for our dynamic hometown by learning more about local communities.


Practice appreciation on a deeper level this month through meditation, community giving, and more.


New Beginnings
Find out what the next chapter of your life might be, and learn how to successfully navigate major life transitions.


Change Makers
Uncover new ways to create positive change in your life, and meet people who have accomplished extraordinary feats. 


Myths and Magic
Create some magic  with modern healing and join conversation in demystifying common myths.


Self-Care & Wellness
As we move into the holiday season, take some time to focus on you. Enjoy classes and workshops focused on taking better care of yourself, so you can become the best version of yourself.


Creativity & Spirituality
Uncover new opportunities for creative expression and spiritual exploration. Programming will feature lectures and workshops that will help you color and explore outside the lines.