Parking At The Coven

 Parking lots in our neighborhood

Parking lots in our neighborhood


Street parking, surface lots, ramps, and more!

Ample street parking surrounds The Coven, though on-street spots can be tricky to nab first thing in the morning between 8am and 10am, and over the lunch hour from 12pm - 1:30pm. The mobile parking app for the City of Minneapolis is a breeze to use and spots range in cost from $.75/hour to $1.25/hour depending on the zone you're parking in. 

There's a huge surface lot behind The Bachelor Farmer (lot 1 on the above map), approximately one block from our building. Parking for the day is $8 payable with cash or check only. As of February 1, this lot has monthly contract spots available for $140/month, which is a great deal if you plan on working out of our space regularly. We're happy to get you in touch with them if you want more information on securing a monthly spot. 

There's a large surface lot between the Bachelor Farmer Cafe and The Coven (lot 2 on the above map). This lot offers $8 daily parking payable with a credit card and/or the lots proprietary parking app. There aren't currently any monthly contracts available at this lot. 

Immediately across the street from The Coven is a large parking ramp (lot 3 on the above map). Parking in the ramp is $14/day payable with a credit card ($10 event rate). This lot also has some monthly contracts available for $150/month. We're happy to put you in touch with them if you're interested in securing a spot. 


If you don't mind a little walk, there are some other areas around the city to consider for parking:

1. Along 1st St past Muse Event Center - 10hr parking meters.

2. Across Hennepin Ave on 1st St - 2hr metered parking (most expire after 6pm).

3. Across the Hennepin Ave Bridge - in the Nicollet Island parking lot.

4. The closest Nice Ride Station is at 2nd St x 3rd Ave.