Community Funded Membership applications are now open!

We are committed to creating an intersectional space that welcomes women and non-binary folks of all backgrounds. For every five memberships purchased, The Coven provides one to a woman or non-binary individual in need of a community support system. This means 20% of our members receive a fully-paid membership at no cost to them, with full access to our benefits and amenities for one year. 

Our Community Funded Membership program (formerly known as our scholarship program) welcomes all women and non-binary folks to apply, though priority is given to those from historically marginalized backgrounds. We strongly encourage women and non-binary individuals of color, those from the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and those who are differently abled to apply. Your voices and ideas are critically important and we're eager to welcome you to The Coven! Applicants must apply by June 29, 2018 and will be notified of their membership status on or by July 15, 2018. 

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We prioritize our Community Funded Memberships for those who couldn't otherwise afford them. Please share as much or as little as you want!