We aspire to create a world where all women have access to a supportive community and the resources they need to live their best life.


Alex, Bethany, Erinn and Liz met through MPLS MadWomen, a local non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in creative fields. Together, we have spent years creating and fostering more inclusive environments both within our organizations and across the Twin Cities community. Our vision for The Coven is to cultivate a dynamic, diverse community of women who inspire one another to lead more empowered lives. The Coven is our life's work.

Meet The Co-Founders



Alex gets more things done in one day than most people do in an entire month. She’s a swiss army knife who knows how to raise humans, build and deploy Public Relations strategies for businesses, politicians, startups, non-profits, and is also the President of MadWomen, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the advertising business in the Twin Cities.

Prior to co-founding The Coven, Alex held the position of Communications Director for Fallon, Minneapolis City Council candidate Jillia Pessenda, and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges. Leading PR and comms strategy and execution, she helps brands get noticed through earned media. She has a blog and apparel company called Strong Like Mama, dedicated to celebrating the struggles and triumphs of real moms and their little ones. Her multitude of skills and tireless work ethic is exactly the stuff bosses are made of.

Alex loves her two kids, husband, Oprah, and Beyonce in no particular order. She also genuinely just really likes people in general. On a bad (or good) day you can find her curled up with a plate of microwave nachos.




Bethany is fiercely passionate about creating a more just, equitable world. She agitates with love, hopes radically, and advocates fearlessly to create a world she wants to live in. Last fall Bethany abandoned her cushy career as an advertising executive to pursue the dream of The Coven and with it, the unknown. Her transition from Boss to Business Owner has been equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, but above all she is inspired by her three business partners and the not yet written stories of multitudes of women who will launch their own dreams from The Coven.

Bethany's fire for equity and justice often felt out of place in the world of advertising, though publications like Ad Age and AdWeek proudly featured her strong point of view. However, her career in advertising wasn't for naught, as she's now putting her knowledge of how to build bold, courageous brands into practice to create The Coven, a space where all women are empowered to do whatever the hell they want.

The only thing that rivals Bethany’s belief in the infinite power of human potential is the love she has for her dog, Coupon, and her partner, Gabriel. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and a Master of Art degree in Rhetoric, Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota. Regardless of her ample academic and professional accomplishments Bethany still wrestles with imposter syndrome but believes dismantling the patriarchy will help. 



Liz has spent her career building strategies for some of the most iconic brands in the world. She currently holds the position of Vice President, Director of Strategy at BBDO Minneapolis. Her work has inspired industry-leading creative work recognized by the One Show, the Effie’s, 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence, the Webby’s, and Cannes Lions for iconic brands like Subaru and Cadillac. Today her award-winning advertising prowess is being put to good use at The Coven, where she oversees all marketing functions with a laser focus on communicating who we are and what we stand for to the rest of the world.

Liz has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in strategic design and management from Parsons School of Design. She also serves on the board of directors for MPLS MadWomen, an organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in advertising.

Liz lives for her family and rarely turns down a travel opportunity. She has spent a lot of time traveling through Latin America in an ongoing attempt to keep her Spanish language skills fresh.



Erinn is an Operations maven with a deep passion for architecture and design. Erinn is responsible for ensuring day to day operations benefit all our members, staff and partners.

In her past life, Erinn was an Advertising Executive focused on transforming teams most recently as the GM of space150’s New York City office. Taken aback by the lack of substantive conversation in the marketing space Erinn dedicated herself to finding ways to bring more informed, inclusive, and thoughtful work to media and the world. To that end she currently acts as the COO of Krista Tippett Public Productions (“KTPP”) the independent, non-profit home of On Being - a Peabody award winning multimedia project reaching millions of people each week. Erinn is also a founding partner of the North Leadership Council, leading diversity and inclusion efforts for the Twin Cities advertising industry. Her unique style of leadership has earned her a place as a “40 under 40” and “Woman to Watch” by the Twin Cities Business Journal and featured by The Drum as “An Exceptional Woman in Advertising.”

Erinn’s favorite color is black everything, and when she’s not busy trying to prepare the world for her two little gOOns you can find her breezing through a workout that would make the average person weep.